Hi! I'm Jill Fleming, Registered Dietitian & Author.
I Can Show You How to
Release Excess Body Fat Permanently
by Learning How to Retrain Your Brain!

As a Registered Dietitian,
Author & Wellness Speaker...

My passion is helping women get off the diet roller coaster for good, yet still reach their ideal body goals. I After teaching my clients, who wanted to lose weight, how to do it & keep it off for the past 30 years; I have learned that it is never just about the food!  

What you eat, when you eat and why you eat are all important, but understanding your brain and learning how to direct your thoughts to control emotional eating is essential to your success. 

 Reconnecting your mind, body and spirit is the key to loving your body again and living an amazing life!  We all get caught up in the fast pace of the world. Are you ready to slow down and put yourself on the top of your "to do" list? 

If so, I can help! Let's do this together and have some fun along the way!  

After 30 years of teaching weight loss... I have perfected the simple solution to weight loss.  This plan has helped thousands of individuals lose weight permanently, because it is easy to follow. 

Since most of you will want to jump into the "action" steps of losing weight right away, you can learn more about them in our FREE Weight Loss Support group on Facebook.  

The action steps are only a part of your PATH to Vibrant Health. Next, you will be ready to put all of the pieces together; learn how your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs and your ability to quiet the noise (to tune into who you REALLY are) is the real work. This is where it gets fun and is permanently life changing!

“When you are ready to
finally get off of the diet roller coaster... I feel blessed to be your guide
on your journey.

Jill Fleming, Registered Dietitian, Author & Energy Healer


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