Clean Up Your Diet...

Smoothies, energy balls, protein bars & much more!

These recipes are all made using my favorite protein powder.  It comes in vanilla, chocolate, or a combination of each flavor.  I love the single serving packages for traveling and taking with me to work.  

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Balance your hormones, stop emotional eating & feel in control of your body again!

Anxiety, stress, poor sleep, poor food choices, menopause and constant snacking can all lead to insulin resistance and excess stress hormones.  This leads to excess body fat and weight gain.  Next you will have inflammatory conditions like high cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.  Your doctor will give you medication to lower these numbers. 

Why not fix the cause of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms?  If you are currently taking medication, do not stop.  As you lose weight, you will want to be in contact with your medical provider to adjust your dosage.  Most of my weight loss clients get to decrease the amount of medications they need.

After 30 years helping weight loss clients, I know why most people regain lost weight.  They feel like they are ON a diet... therefore they will eventually go OFF of the diet. I only teach you how to follow a plan you can follow forever.  

I recently helped a 53 year old man with type II diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure lose 30#.  When he reached his goal, I said "now what?"  He replied:  "I don't even feel like I am on a diet!  I can eat like this forever!"  

You can still eat your favorite foods, just a little differently. You can still eat out at a restaurant or party.  You don't need to exercise like crazy, just move your body in a way that feels good at least once daily. 

I will help you stop emotional eating and direct your primitive brain, which will keep trying to get you to fail, as it likes you with your current bad habits. It is much easier than you think!  Let me show you how.

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