Essential Oils for Emotional Support
from Anxiety and Stress

How I Enjoy 100% Pure Essential Oils 

There are hundreds of uses for essential oils.  Here are a few of the ways I enjoy using them.  I used to buy them from my local Food Coop, but learned that there is a huge difference in the quality of oils.  I now only use the brand Young Living.  They have the best starter kit package for a discount of 45% off!  CHECK IT OUT NOW

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Essential Oils contain the concentrated vibrational energy from the plant they came from. You can improve your mood by just smelling certain oils, or use them topically to ease a headache or even add them to your water or smoothie for flavor.  I use a variety of essential oils everyday!  

I use peppermint in my green smoothie AND on my temples if I have a headache.  I diffuse lavender to relax at bedtime and in my bubble bath.  I enjoy cleaning my house with Citrus Fresh. Stress Away and Joy are my favorite to wear instead of cologne. 

All of my favorite essential oils are found in the YL starter kit, which is on sale for a 65% discount!! 

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